What Is An Online Business Manager?

What Is An Online Business Manager?

So what IS an Online Business Manager (OBM)?

An OBM, or Online Business Manager, can have many different roles, but generally we are folks who can tackle all areas of your online business, manage your projects, and help you with the day to day operations of your business so you can get on with your unique vision that will change lives.

But What Does That Really MEAN?

As an OBM I specialize in helping clients systematize so they can scale their business.  There are a lot of things you have to do every day to keep your business running, and a lot of those things cut into the time you really need to be focusing on the VISION and REAL WORK it actually takes to DREAM THE BIG DREAMS that will PROPEL you Forward.

That’s where I come in.  Not only can I set up the systems that will get your business finally running smoothly, but I can also help you manage the ins and outs of the bigger projects, brainstorm with you, encourage you, and help propel you from where you are now to where you want to be.

What We Do

Are you exhausted by the hustle mentality?  Do you struggle for long hours on landing pages and email sequences and funnels and just feel discouraged? Are you having a difficult time posting meaningful content on all your social platforms?  Do you feel like all the little details are keeping you from your REAL WORK?

We Online Business Managers can help. Through an application or vetting process, we assess your situation and decide if our personal expertise can solve your problem. If not, hopefully we can give you the name of someone who can. We talk to each other so hopefully we can point you in the right direction!

If we know we can help, we’ll probably schedule a consultation, recommend a package or product, or ask you to fill out an in depth questionnaire. We need to know the ins and outs of your struggle. Hold nothing back! We are the most effective when our clients are honest and straightforward!

After we get all the ducks in a row and agree on compensation, we get to work! Depending on what you have agreed to with your OBM, in addition to weekly and monthly tasks, they may give you a weekly report, give you the opportunity to schedule additional meetings, or invite you to a portal on their website.

What We Don’t Do

An Online Business Manager is a great thing to utilize in your business. Understanding what they don’t do is as important as understanding what they will do for you.

Like I’ve said before, all OBMs are different and there is A LOT of overlap in our tasks, but we all have a different zone of genius! Being honest with your OMB and yourself about your needs will help this go smoothly.

As of right now, January 2020, I don’t do social media engagement or SEO. Not my zones of genius. If you need SEO I have someone on my team who is brilliant and I send all of those questions on. If you need social media engagement, I just don’t do that. Again, I can recommend someone else who can do that for you, but it’s just not me.

Another thing we don’t do is work on projects or done for you services we haven’t previously agreed to. Online business managers work HARD and A LOT. We don’t have time to work on side projects that we haven’t discussed beforehand. OMBs also can’t work on projects without giving you a price quote FIRST.

Online Business Managers want you to be HAPPY with our services! The best way for this to happen is to for both sides to be clear on the cost and expectations.

How Do We Offer You The Best Services?

It might seem like there are a lot of hoops to jump through before you get to talk to a real person in the Online Business Manager world. Applications and emails, Calendly links and contact forms; we certainly do vet potential clients. We want to make sure that we can make you happy and be successful in our services for you.

The Application Form

I use an application form on my site to vet potential clients. This form helps me get an overview of your business and an understanding of your business challenges. I also ask for social media handles and your website address so I can understand your brand and services. All of this information helps me determine if I can help your business.

The Calendly Link And Zoom

If I determine that I can serve your business, I’ll probably send you a Calendly link. This is how I schedule appointments. Appointments are scheduled exclusively on Zoom. When you schedule with me you’ll receive an email with the Zoom link so you can get to the appointment. You can use your computer, a smart phone or tablet, or dial in on any phone. Set a reminder in your phone and join me! This meeting is your time to lay it all out. What’s working, what’s not, and everything in between.

After we have the Zoom call, if I feel I can help you and your business, I’ll extend an invitation to to work together. You have no obligation.

How Do You Know If An Online Business Manager is Right For You?

Do you have a lot on your plate? Have you maxed out your VA? Do you find yourself working IN your business instead of ON your business? You might need an Online Business Manager. OBMs can cover A LOT of ground. We can organize your chaos, create websites, and generate systems to get things running smoothly. OBMs are the secret weapon for scaling your business.

Want to know more? Visit me over on Facebook in my FREE group! I offer weekly trainings, live videos, support, and more. You’ll also get a feeling for my style and personality! If you are interested in working together check here. I love supporting small business owners and hope you’ll keep in touch!

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