The Turning Point

The Turning Point

Kinda stuck, knowing I didn’t actually want to move forward, and realizing I wasn’t building anything. That is how I felt when my boss told me the funding for my job didn’t come through. I was teaching reading at an elementary school and while it was a great teaching job, it wasn’t a job I really wanted. I had 2 principals from the same district interviewing me and I was already in a classroom. It felt really good to have so many options and have so many schools wanting me. And then it all fell apart. Excellent references and performance reviews, but no money and low seniority. I was out. I cried in the hallway in front of one of those principals. And then I cried tears of relief. I was out.

Yes, I felt deeply sad to move on from elementary education. I also felt so much relief. When I packed up my classroom on the last day and loaded my boxes into my car, I was free.

I went home, opened my computer, and never looked back. I stayed on part time at the district for a while because I couldn’t stop cold turkey, and even then I got laid off! The universe was kicking me out!

Fast forward to today. I’m not stuck, I’m moving forward EVERY day. I’m building something I believe in. I feel an intense sense of freedom and satisfaction.

It’s really scary to be laid off. It felt really frustrating to be laid off AGAIN. It’s really liberating to be moving in the right direction every day.

This is how my life has been changed. How has striking out on your own changed your life?

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