Online Business Manager Packages

Online Business Manager Packages

In the Online Business Manager world, the best way to buy is with a package. Packages are just how we bundle our services.

online business manager packages

What Are Online Business Manager Packages?

Online business manager packages are how a lot of online business managers provide their services. So what is an Online Business Manager Package?

Usually an Online Business Manager Package is a custom made or pre made package of services that you buy from an OBM. Many times you will have a consultation with an OBM and they will help you pick a package that suits your needs or they will create a package to best solve your problem. Each OBM is different, so each process will be slightly different.

What kinds or things are in Online Business Manager Packages?

Every OBM has a different set of skills and expertise. Some are more tech savvy, some better with brainstorming, some are great helping brick and mortar businesses, while others only work with purely digital companies. In general, you can expect them to offer services in the following areas:


OBMs can help you build and manage your list, set up campaigns, create nurture sequences, and help you schedule your emails.

Social Media

From helping you sort your posting schedule and walking you through batch creating content to full blown management, there are options at every level.

Building Systems

Your business has A LOT going on. Creating reliable systems to bill clients, set up meetings, create and post for social media, and other important tasks deserve their own reliable processes.

Landing Pages and Funnels


Project Management

Repurposing Content


Like I said above, not all OBMs do everything under the sun, though it may seem like it! If the OBM runs into something out of her area of expertise, she will call in back up! OBMs are well connected and can reach out to other professionals to hone in on specific tasks.

How do I find out what online business manager packages are available?

There are a couple of ways. First, check out OBM websites. There is usually a page where their packages are outlined. Some are very clearly written with bullet points and price included. Some are less structured, allowing the OBM and client to discuss further what the package will look like. Some are a mix of both.

Often an OBM will be willing to set up a quick meeting via Zoom or Skype to learn more about a potential client’s needs and give them information about how she can best serve them.

Still other OBMs will send you a questionnaire to see if they offer services that can help your business.

What if I don’t NEED lots and lots of support, I’m just struggling with one aspect of my business?

Many OBMs are Virtual Assistant/OBM hybrids. This means that while they ROCK at taking on big projects, they also take on smaller ones! While I love to whip a business into shape from nose to tail, I also really enjoy taking on smaller projects that business owners really need help with.

How will I know which package is right for me?

The best way to know which package is best for you is to know your budget, understand what you really need help with, and ask the OBM you’re working with. OBMs are in the business of solving problems and making customers really happy, so they will steer you in the right direction.

I encourage you to book a consultation and go with your gut. Look at websites, seek references, and read testimonials. Many OBMs will create custom packages and take your budget into consideration so be honest about what you are willing to invest in services. Better yet, ask your network who they have been happy with!

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