How Much Does An Online Business Manager Cost?

How Much Does An Online Business Manager Cost?

how much does and online business manager cost

So you want to work with an online business manager but you’re worried about how much they cost? I have some good news for you! In this post I’ll break down how the pricing works, share with you packages at every price point, and show you how to get the right product for your business.

OBM Pricing

First I have to start by just saying that all OBMs are different, everybody prices their packages differently, and they all have different areas of expertise.

How much does and online business manager cost? Let’s look at how OBM pricing works. There are two general ways OBMs break down their pricing: packages and retainers. Let’s look at what each of these options mean for you.


First up, packages. Many Online Business Managers sell packages. If you go to various OBM websites you might see packages listed. These are generally pre-made based on the most popular services clients need. You may find smaller packages for lower dollar amounts that focus on one area of business, and you may also find bronze, silver, and gold packages that cover more topics and get more expensive as the overall scope of the package grows.

The price of the package is also determined by how hands on the OBM will be. This Clarity Session is less expensive than this Social Media Package because I spend less time delivering the Clarity Session and am a lot more hands on with the Social Media Package. Done For You will always cost more than Done With You.

Packages with larger scopes and more hands on time generally cost more than packages with smaller scopes and less hands on time. Keep this in mind if your OBM creates a custom package for you because the same rules apply.

If you go the package route, what can you expect? A package is outcome based. Your OBM will outline for you how they will solve your problem for the duration of the package. They may complete a project like setting up email automation or they may create an agreed upon suite of content. Packages typically last for a month. Often packages are renewable so be sure you are aware of when they renew/expire.


What is a retainer? A retainer is when you pay money up front for hours that your OBM will work for you. It’s usually a straightforward arrangement, and you and your OBM will decide exactly how you would like your hours spent.

Retainers can be set up similar to packages, but they are based on hours. This just means that if you buy 20 hours a month from your OBM they may not be able to work as quickly as you would like because their hours are capped.

Retainers range in price depending on how many hours you want to buy. I don’t sell retainers so these next examples are coming from another OBM in the business! This Bronze Package is $3,300 and is for 20 hours a month. This Silver Package from the same OBM is $5,000 and is for 30 hours a month. These retainers offer a very similar scope in services and topics, the big difference is the amount of hours you can buy.

How do you choose?

I’m going to make this very easy on you. Don’t worry about it. The way that OBMs set up their pricing is based on how they want to run their businesses. I like packages. I like the freedom I have, being able to bounce from package to package. I also like to deliver finished projects to clients and packages help me do that. Ask an OBM who does retainers why she likes them and she’ll give you a great answer. It’s just how we choose to run our businesses. What you really need is an OBM you know, like, and trust. You’ll be working closely on projects and your business and if you hate her, it probably isn’t going to work. When you find one you can work well with, she’ll tell you all about everything she offers. She may offer both or a hybrid!

Getting The Right Product For Your Business

With all the options out there, how do you make sure you get what you need? This is a little trickier. It’s trickier because it takes trust.

As Online Business Managers, we are in the business of making you happy and meeting your needs. We have seen a lot. We know a lot. We’ve made the same mistakes and sought the same help to grow our businesses.

If you come to me with an email system in shambles and a messy Instagram feed, I’m not going to try to sign you up for a website makeover complete with SEO audit. I’m going to try to systematize your email and help you create a social media campaign. I want you to be happy and I want you to get what you need. If you insist on changing your perfectly lovely website and ranking for new keywords outside of you niche I may create that package for you but when you come back in 3 months and you’re unhappy because no one is following you on Instagram neither of us will be happy. See what I’m getting at?

So How Much Does An Online Business Manager Cost?

As you can see, there are a lot of options when it comes to dropping cash on an OBM. You can find specific packages smaller in scope that will get you the help you need at a price you can afford. You can also find much bigger packages that cost more money but with a much larger scope.

The most important thing is finding an Online Business Manager you know, like, and trust. Often they can work within your budget and create a package you will be very happy with.

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