75 Minute Clarity Session and Action Plan

75 Minute Clarity Session and Action Plan

The purpose of this image is to show how you will feel after you gan clarity in a clarity session.

Do you work 24/7, managing every detail of your business? Are you concentrating so hard on daily operations that you neglect the big picture? Are you stuck and in need of a plan to get you through to the next phase? Or do you just need some support in a particular area?

Experience the POWER of working with an OBM

Join me for a 75 minute clarity session! In this session you will have 75 minutes to lay it all out for me. What’s working in your business, what’s not, and all the little things in between. Whether it’s gaining insights into the next 90 days or setting up a system the WORKS, I can create a custom action plan that will give you direction and the ability to move forward confidently.

What You Will Receive:

  • The opportunity to gain clarity by laying it all out with me for 74 minutes via Zoom. (Value: $157.00)
  • A recording of the call as well as my notes. (Value: $50.00)
  • A detailed action plan to get you on track. (Value: $155.00)
  • 15 days of email support to answer any follow up questions. (Value: $45.00)
  • A follow up 20 minute Zoom call. (Value: $35.00)

How Does It Work?

  • After you fill out the application from and I determine that I will be able to help, I will send you an invoice. This amazing session is $250.00 and payment is due before we begin.
  • First, I’ll send you a detailed questionnaire so that I can learn about your business.
  • Next, we’ll have a 75 minute session via Zoom.
  • Then I’ll send you the recording of our meeting, my summary of the meeting, and any pertinent notes.
  • Last, I’ll use everything you told me in our call and the questionnaire you filled out to craft an action plan for you. This could include systematizing aspects of your business, creating a social media attack plan, building a launch, etc.
  • Finally, you will know your next steps. You will be able to take your action plan and move forward with your business!*

Sounds good, doesn’t it?!

Are you ready to stop working IN your business and start working ON your business? You can have this highly specific action plan for just $250.00. Simply fill out the application form and after I determine that I can help, I will send you payment information and the next steps you need to having an action plan you can put into practice.

Rest assured that my experience and expertise in creating an action plan can take you to the next level in your business.

*Please note, this Clarity Session is an amazing opportunity for you to learn many things you can do to further your business. It is not a Done For You service. If you would rather I implement the action plan I would love to do that for you, and can design a custom package to meet your needs!